Hello, Im Davon:

a Front-End Developer Crafting
Engaging Web Experiences.

About Me

Hey, I’m Davon – a friendly developer who loves coding and gaming. I take pride in crafting top-notch designs with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Proficient in Python and UI design, I’m all about turning ideas into captivating digital experiences. Let’s build something extraordinary together!


Jolix Ai writing assistant

Created an Ai writing assistant with React and NodeJs. Has authentication and connects to Open ai APi for artificial intelligence. Utilizes web scraping for an article summarizer feature and also retrieves files from a database.

Live Site Github

Blissy Eccomerce

Created an Eccomerce store in React. This site has a fully functioning cart system and utilizes Redux.It connects to a database to retrieve product information

Live Site Github



. Css

. JavaScript

. Bootstrap

. Python

. React

. NodeJs

. Flask





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